Additional Services
Interior Detail Only-
From $100.00

Exterior Detail Only- 
Compacts- $80.00
Sedans , SUV & Mini Vans - $100.00
Large SUV's - $125.00

Mini Detail-
includes wash & wax exterior, interior vacuum, dust dash & console, wipe down glass. 
  From- $125.00


 What better gift to give for a birthday, holiday, thank you, or employee/business bonus. It makes an incredible and different gift. Moms love em, Dads gotta have em. You can have gift certificates made out for full or mini details, washes, or any other service we offer.

All prices are based on an average car in reasonable condition. A firm price may be given at time of inspection.

 Engine Compartment Detail-

Degrease and clean engine compartment. Rinse, towel and blow dry. Dress all rubber and plastic with engine safe protectant.

From- $40.00

  Also known as paint cutting is the act of using rubbing compound to polish out & remove heavy scratches and oxidation.

From $40.00


  Using specialized equipment we apply unique liquids specially formulated to remove light scratches, water spots, & swirl marks. Leaving behind a mirror like wet finish.

From- $50.00
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